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Mymee Method: Why it Works

We understand that autoimmunity is personal; no two people have the same environmental factors, triggers, or symptoms. Our individualized approach to data assessment coupled with hands-on coaching bring relief to our members - and quickly.

Candace C w her girls-3

Fibromyalgia Success Story

Meet Candace, Living with Fibromyalgia

I had body pain and numbness at the same time. I saw a neurologist and a rheumatologist after our trip, but they were unable to put a finger on what was happening to me.  I wanted to figure out how to feel better, not just treat my symptoms. 

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Myasthenia Gravis Success Story

Meet Chris, Living with Myasthenia Gravis

It’s really cool to have someone totally vested, and in your corner, to help you achieve better health. I had never experienced anything like that before. Anyone with an autoimmune disease should not stop looking for ways to improve their health.  With Mymee, the chance to feel better exists! 

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Julia Ramos w her kids (2)

COVID Long Haul Success Story

Meet Julia, Living with COVID Long Haul

My energy is night and day from where I was. I’m able to walk with my son, play ball, and climb around the playground, without feeling like I need to go to bed afterwards. And my kids have noticed the difference too.  After playing soccer with my older son, he said “we haven’t been able to do this for so long!”

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pam email

Crohn's Disease Success Story

Meet Pamela, Living with Crohn's Disease

The best part is that I got my life back. I know how food and stress impact me, so I have the control over how I feel. I always wanted to be a public speaker, but I could never commit because I didn’t know if I would be too sick that day. But I have done 5 talks now and I love it. I have also dusted off my running shoes and begun running again. I actually ran my first 5K this summer… and I didn't even come in last!

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Lupus Success Story

Meet Randy, Living with Lupus

I liked that I could actually see my own data, it was helpful to look back and see how far I’d come. I could see that the structure of my day had changed - I was waking at 7:15 am, with no need for a nap throughout the day. I was walking regularly and I also tracked my productivity.

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Joy square

Rheumatoid Arthritis Success Story

Meet Joy, Living with RA

The cool thing about Mymee, is that it is not just based on eating “healthy”. I learned that what is healthy for one person, might not be for another. When it comes to inflammation and autoimmune issues, you really need to understand your own body and you can’t just follow a one size fits all diet.

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