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Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease Success Story: 'I got my life back'

Everyone's experience with autoimmunity is unique. When it comes to Crohn's disease, success in managing symptoms can be measured in many ways.


Pamela started feeling the effects of her Crohn's disease as early as her teen years, but was battling her symptoms for many years. Learn more about the road that led her to Mymee, and her personal success from her Mymee health coach and time in the Mymee Core Program.


I was probably the most resistant person to try Mymee. I was so sick, in and out of the hospital ICU, CCU units and ready to give up. Every time I tried to schedule an appointment with Mymee, I'd land back in the hospital. I thought I was beyond help. Then it happened, I decided to go for it, and man, am I glad I did. I am now in remission for the first time in 20 years.



Personal Struggle


I first began feeling sick as a teen and was then diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Shortly afterwards, I started experiencing complications related to my Crohn’s, including the first of many bowel obstructions. Despite a constant battle with my symptoms, I continued to push myself. I started a career as an executive in a healthcare company, I had two children, I ran 6 miles a day. 


About 20 years ago, things really took a turn for the worse. During that time I endured 7 major bowel resections, with most of my small bowel removed, leaving me with short bowel syndrome (SBS).


I had my gallbladder and appendix removed. I was hospitalized for 8 months in 2018 ending with a transplant team performing a double bowel resection after 6 months of TPN. My count of major bowel surgeries went from 7 to 9. I was prescribed a long list of drugs, including a patch to manage pain.



Coach Marietta copy

"Once Pamela committed to the program, she was a force! It's like a switch got flipped after she saw the connection for herself." - Marietta, Mymee Certified Health Coach




During these years, I lived on chemicals and toast. I experienced severe weight loss, hair loss, and debilitating fatigue. I felt like an empty shell. I couldn’t even lift my running shoes, let alone use them.


Not once did I have a doctor emphasize the importance of nutrition to me. In fact, they gave me a huge plate of lasagna and garlic bread right after a bowel resection surgery. It was not something they considered, and so, neither did I.


Finding Mymee


When Pamela found Mymee, the emphasis was focused on figuring out what was triggering her Chron's disease symptoms. Pamela was paired with a certified health coach, to track and analyze dietary and environmental factors that were behind her symptoms. Through small lifestyle changes, Pamela was able to reverse her symptoms and get her life back.


How I feel now


The best part is that I got my life back. I know how food and stress impacts me, so I have the control over how I feel. I always wanted to be a public speaker, but I could never commit because I didn’t know if I would be too sick that day. Since completing Mymee Core, I have done 5 talks now and I love it.


I have even dusted off my running shoes and begun running again. I actually ran my first 5K this summer… and I didn't even come in last place! 

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