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Mymee is the embodiment of everything we believe about people, health, and technology. Our mission is to transform lives and revolutionize how we scale root-cause medicine. Want to join us?

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Mymee is a pioneering digital care program that empowers those who suffer from autoimmune disease to reclaim their health. We take a highly personalized approach that uses proven technology to monitor triggers and symptoms. Plus, our program is supported by an elite set of coaches who help guide behaviors and empower patients to Master their Autoimmunity.

At our core, we believe that autoimmune diseases—and the warriors among us who suffer from them—have been underserved for far too long. Quite simply, today’s healthcare system was not designed to effectively serve the nuanced challenges of autoimmunity. Treatments often focus on suppressing symptoms instead of identifying causes. We’d rather understand why the body is attacking itself in the first place. We see the body as a machine, its environment as the triggers, and symptoms as signals.

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