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Frequently Asked Questions About Mymee Core and the Mymee App

Autoimmunity and COVID long haul can be both overwhelming and at times, confusing. We've gathered the top frequently asked questions about the Mymee Health Program, Health Coaching and App. We hear you and we can help. Feel free to contact us with any questions anytime.

What is Mymee?

Mymee is a digital care program that helps you to reduce symptoms by identifying and eliminating dietary, environmental, and lifestyle triggers that are causing your body to react. Through the use of our mobile app, data analytics, and a personal health coach, we find correlations between your triggers and symptoms. Your coach helps you understand and avoid those triggers by guiding you through small, doable changes made over time. By the end of our program, you have a personalized plan that puts in you control of how you feel.

How does this health program work?

During the 16-week Mymee Core program, you will track via the mobile app and speak with a health coach by phone each week for up to 30 minutes. We use our snap-to-track feature, so you only need to take a quick photo of your food - no notes, measurements, or ingredients required. Each week, your Mymee app will be reconfigured to test for correlations between your triggers and symptoms. 

What does food have to do with my autoimmune disease?

According to Stanford Medicine, about "77% of the immune system is determined by environmental factors". That's actually great news! It means that you have some control over how you’re feeling by making dietary or lifestyle changes. While you may have some genetic predisposition to an autoimmune disease, the environment is largely responsible for how these conditions manifest in your body. Mymee identifies and then helps you eliminate the environmental factors (including food intake) which affect your immune system -- and that can reduce your symptoms.

What do I track in the Mymee app?

You start by simply tracking your food intake. As you go through the program, the app is reconfigured to hone in on your various symptoms and dietary, environmental, and lifestyle triggers. The app actually changes based on your particular health journey and goals. We put everything in your own language, so it’s clear-cut and never subjective. When you experience "head pounding" (headache) or a "razor blade in my stomach" feeling, you will tap on a button and that's it.

How do I communicate with my health coach?

Each week, you will talk with your health coach for up to 30 minutes. You can also message your coach through the app at any time. Of course, if you are having a health emergency, you should call 911 and/or contact your doctor.

What happens after 16 weeks?

At the end of Mymee's Core program, you will be invited to join Mymee Care -- a less intensive program that supports you to maintain the health improvements you have made. It is not required and only an additional offer to help support any participants with less frequent touch bases with a coach.

Are tests included?

Mymee does not require laboratory or radiology tests and therefore they are not included. Instead, we observe your body's symptoms, entered in real time into the Mymee app, to test on a weekly basis how your body is reacting to particular dietary, environmental, and lifestyle triggers.

What is the background of the health coaches?

Mymee's health coaches are certified to address root causes using a systems-oriented approach. They also have been trained in utilizing Mymee's data analytics platform to support clients in testing triggers and making dietary and lifestyle changes. Because all of our coaches have reversed their own or a close family member's autoimmune disease, they have a high level of empathy for your experience. They know what it’s like to battle autoimmunity.

Can I do the program if I am taking medications?

Yes. In fact, most clients with autoimmune condition(s) are on medications. If you have just started taking a medication, we may suggest that you hold off on beginning the program until your body has had time to adjust to the new medication. Contact us if you want to discuss the best start date for you.

I do not have any autoimmune symptoms, can this work for me?

We think of symptoms as signals from your body. Sometimes these signals are loud and clear and other times they are more subtle. Our coaches are adept at identifying even the most subtle signals - you may be surprised at what you’re body is telling you.

I have tried diets before and they do not work - why is Mymee different?

We don’t believe that there is one universal diet that works for everyone because the underlying causes for each person’s autoimmune reaction are unique. A simple internet search of “anti-inflammatory foods” will give you thousands of pages of conflicting advice about which foods to add or avoid. We offer a personalized diagnostic system tailored to each individual, their unique patterns and their personal goals. Stop guessing what is making you flare. With Mymee, you’ll use your own body’s data to get certainty.

Will I have to eliminate my favorite foods?

Not necessarily! Our data-driven approach enables Mymee to identify which specific foods trigger your symptoms. If one of your favorite foods is suspected to be a trigger, your coach will work with you to decide if, when and how to remove that food for a week or two to see if your symptoms reduce. If the trigger is confirmed, most clients find that feeling better motivates them to keep avoiding that trigger - even if it was a favorite. Your coach will support you to find substitutes that enable you to continue enjoying eating!

I do not have an autoimmune diagnosis but I feel like there is something not right, can Mymee's Health Program help me?

The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) estimates an average of 4.5 years to get an autoimmune diagnosis which is a lengthy time to not get an answer! Simply put, we don’t need a diagnosis to work with you. What is more important to us is: do you have symptoms that vary in intensity and/or frequency? Fill out our application to speak with a specialist who can understand whether Mymee is a good fit for you.

Do I have to be a tech pro to do Mymee?

Not at all! The Mymee app is extremely easy to use. If you can download our app and use it to take photos, you can do Mymee. In total, it is less than 3 minutes of tracking per day.

What if I want to cancel?

We really think you'll like our program, but we understand that the realities of life can make it difficult to fully commit. If you would like to cancel for any reason, please send us an email at

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Checkout the Mymee Core 16-week package and make your purchase. From there, we will schedule your first intake call with your dedicated health coach investigator. Together you will build your personalized plan and work together to find your unique triggers. If your health insurer or employer is offering Mymee to you, visit the custom Mymee web page for your specific employer or plan. If you're not sure of your URL, contact your HR or member services department, or contact Mymee by email at, or by phone at (855) 822-5868.

How much does Mymee cost?

The Mymee Core program costs $125/session. You can also use your FSA/HSA account to pay for the plan. If your provider needs proof for the purchase, simply request a note from your doctor or nurse practitioner. If you’re signing up through your employer or health plan, the cost of the program is fully covered. If you have any additional questions about costs and options, don't hesitate to contact Mymee by email at, or by phone at (855) 822-5868

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay?

You can pay online with your HSA or FSA card. Then you can request a note from your doctor or nurse practitioner and submit it for verification from your HSA/FSA provider for approval. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this payment option, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 

Is Mymee covered by insurance?

You can pay for Mymee online with your HSA or FSA card. Then you can request a note from your doctor or nurse practitioner and submit it for verification from your HSA/FSA provider for approval. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this payment option, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 

What is the time commitment for the program?

The Mymee program is simple and easy to use. After your first 50 minute intake session, you will talk with your personal health coach for up to 30 minutes by phone each week. No travel time! The app tracking takes less than 3 minutes a day.

Does Mymee share personal health information?

Your privacy is our priority. We will never provide your personal health information to any third party, including your insurer and employer. With proper written consent from you, we are able to share your personal results with your medical team. Aggregated results may be created to report on our program's success, but all data is de-identified and made anonymous.

How will I be rewarded for referring my friends?

You will receive $100 per referral.

Will my referrals receive a reward too?

Yes! They will receive 25% of their Mymee Core package

What conditions must my referral complete in order for me to earn the reward?
  1. They must sign up for a Mymee Core package using your unique referral link
  2. They must complete at least one month of Mymee Core
How will I know if my referral signed up?

You will get an email notification from us.

Will I still get credit if my friend signs up using a different email address?

As long as your friend signs up for Mymee Core with your unique referral link, you’ll earn the referral reward. The email address you sent the invitation to does not have to be the same as the one they sign up with.

If your friend receives referrals from multiple senders, only the sender of the referral link that’s used will earn a referral reward.

How will I get my reward?

Your reward will be directly deposited into your bank account once your friend completes the referral requirements.

Is there a way to track the status of my referrals?

We are actively working on building this feature. Stay tuned.

My friend forgot to use my unique referral link. Is there a way to track it back to my account?

Unfortunately, we can not track the referral back to your account if your friend does not use your referral link.

What happens if my referral cancels their Mymee Core package?

As long as your friend completes at least one month of their Mymee Core package you will receive your reward. Cancellation prior to completing one month will invalidate your reward.

We reserve the right to declare a referral ineligible for the reward if we believe the referral program is being abused.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer or how much I can earn?

Currently there are no limits on the number of people you can refer or how much you can earn. This will be a dynamic program so there could be changes in the future.

Where can I reach out if my question wasn’t answered here?

We are happy to answer any of your questions. You can always contact us here.

How can my friends access Mymee? How much does the Mymee Core program cost?

You can learn more about getting started with Mymee here.

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