Our Mission

To help people identify the root causes for their problems and inspire them to change the specific habits to reverse their symptoms. We call it Data Driven Coaching, and it's an innovative new way to use technology to effectively subdue the illness through behavioral change.  

One of the many challenges of modern day healthcare is our inability to blame an illness, allergy, or epidemic on a singularly defined problem. Today medicine is about understanding the many different factors that go into our health problems.  

Modern day conditions come from interplay over time of behavior, mental states, lifestyle, social context, environment, genetic predisposition. Looking at factors like these closely, tells us a great deal about what is really hurting us. 


Meet the Mymee Team


Alla Vernaya
Business Development Associate


Christy Lonergan
Health Investigator


Vanessa Rudin
Head of Product


Eric Lubow


Farid El Nasire
Software Engineer


Sue Ingebretson
Health Investigator


Louise B. Christiansen
Study Coordinator


Melissa Homner
Health Investigator

Ling Bio Pic.png

Ling Yu
VP of Operations

marie bio pic.png

Marie Klok Crump

robyn bio pic.png

Robyn Bollhorst
VP of Marketing

mara bio pic.png

Mara Babin
General Council

nicole bio pic.png

Nicole Bundy
Chief Medical Officer

Marietta Amatangelo
Health Investigator


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Many of the chronic symptoms people experience are set off by a combination of triggers. Turning them on and off or adjusting them them correctly is the key to lasting relief.

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