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1% of plan members = 20% of Rx costs*

In the US, autoimmune drugs cost over $100B a year and comprise 54% of specialty Rx growth associated with autoimmune biologics and targeted therapies. However, on average, 40% of rheumatic patients are non-responders in clinical trials and over 70% do not sustain remission in the real world. These patients remain at risk of exposure to unique sensitivities in their exposome that drive worsening symptoms despite prescribed medication.

*Sources: Prime Therapeutics, Inc, CVS Payor Solutions, Published meta analysis of RA, PsA, AS IBM claims data, real world evidence studies & RCTs

Mymee’s proprietary, personalized trial & care platform improves patient outcomes to deliver proven & measurable value impact for payers

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Average gross annual Rx savings of $11,328 per patient on biologics defined by payer audited script reduction


Statistically significant and clinically meaningful change among symptomatic patients across 10 HRQoL domains as measured by PROMIS-29. The more severe the symptom, the greater the average improvement

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> 40% mean reduction in 59 patient-reported symptoms surveyed in personalized trials


Reduction in average # of prescription drugs among patients who were symptomatic at baseline

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Read on for additional articles and insights related to Mymee’s research and use of coach-led personalized trials to guide statistically significant improvements in quality of life.  

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