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Get Started
Each person has a different experience with autoimmune disease and COVID long haul.
Experience a clinically validated method of determining the triggers that are unique to you and your symptoms.

What’s included?

1 One-on-one virtual support from your health coach

Each session with your certified health coach provides empathetic support and additional insight into your autoimmune disease triggers.

1-1 Mymee Care Team expertise

The Mymee Care Team includes certified health coaches and licensed, board-certified doctors specialized in internal medicine, rheumatology, naturopathy, epidemiology, and nutrition.

3 Easy-to-use app to track autoimmune symptoms, diet, and more

Our mobile app requires only minutes per day to log what you eat, how you’re feeling, and other environmental factors.

Frame-5 Development of a personalized plan

Your Health Coach works with you over time to create and implement a tailor-made plan to identify and remove your autoimmunity symptom triggers.

Frame-3 Unlimited in-app messaging with your health coach

Have a quick question or need a little extra encouragement on a tough day? Your health coach is accessible through the Mymee mobile app.

4 Supplement and testing recommendations

Your health coach may recommend testing or supplements as part of your unique plan to understand and help manage your autoimmune disease symptoms.

calendar-navy Ability to move forward at your own pace

Sessions can be scheduled within a timeframe that works best for you. Importantly, your health coach will partner with you to make changes as you’re ready.

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What happens after I book a session?
  • 1. You’ll be paired with a health coach and prompted to book your first session.
  • 2. You’ll download the Mymee app and start tracking factors from your day-to-day life, like symptoms, diet, and sleep.
  • 3. You’ll have your first session via phone or video chat with your health coach, fill them in on your symptoms and medical history, and set goals.
  • 4. Your health coach will work with you over time to home in on the triggers causing your autoimmune disease symptoms.



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