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Clinically Validated

Mymee’s method of identifying an individual’s unique autoimmune disease and COVID long haul symptom triggers has been validated in clinical trials. 

79% of Mymee clients feel improvement in their symptoms within the first eight sessions. 

"This program was absolutely critical in my ongoing management and recovery from long COVID. I was able to gradually and effectively get my symptoms under control."

-Lisa, COVID Long Haul

How Mymee Works

Autoimmune disease symptoms can be influenced by a variety of factors in your everyday life. By matching your information tracked in-app with their autoimmune disease expertise, health coaches pinpoint what's triggering your symptoms.

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With Mymee, you will:
  • 1. Have virtual, one-on-one sessions with a certified health coach who has expertise in determining triggers
  • 2. Be able to leverage precise data created by tracking your diet, symptoms, and more in-app to identify your unique triggers
  • 3. Learn how food sensitivities, toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and other environmental factors can influence how you feel

Get Started with Mymee

No two people experience autoimmune disease or COVID long haul the same way. Mymee’s method determines the precise symptom triggers within your individual diet and environment.

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