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Picture Mymee Autoimmunity & COVID Long Haul Solutions At Your Practice

Mymee is a program specializing in helping patients with chronic autoimmune disorders improve their HRQoL. Recognizing growing patient and provider need, as well as expertise overlap, Mymee now offers the first digital-care program for individuals suffering from long term COVID-related symptoms, often associated with an overactive immune system. 

The Mymee Core Program intervention is non-pharmaceutical, low-risk, and designed to be used alongside your recommended care. In clinical studies, Mymee has been proven to provide meaningful improvements in fatigue, pain, ability to manage symptoms, and several other HRQoL domains.

Autoimmunity Solutions for Your Patients

Finding the right solution for autoimmune patients is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Mymee offers supplemental support to patients working with their physician to find a personalized solution unique to the specific symptoms and triggers of their autoimmunity.


Clinical Validation & Case Studies