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Living with Myasthenia Gravis: Christine’s Story


"Mymee totally changed my life. It's unbelievable. I almost feel like a different person than I was a year ago.”









Meet Christine. 


Christine has been living with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) for over 25 years.  An autoimmune disease that causes weakness in the body’s skeletal muscles, it’s often referred to as “the snowflake disease,” because symptoms vary greatly from person to person, making it difficult to find the right treatment. Christine was first diagnosed with MG as a teenager and experienced periods where she had to be hospitalized, especially through her high school and college years. 


Although she has experienced a stable period over the last ten years, Christine has been struggling with constant fatigue since the birth of her children, ages six and five.  “Over the last year since I had kids, I was really struggling with fatigue. Four out of seven days a week I had to take hour-long naps, otherwise I couldn’t make it through the day.”   


Christine saw several doctors, but none had a satisfactory explanation for her extreme fatigue.  She reports that her gynecologist suggested taking antidepressants, while her neurologist explained fatigue as a side effect of MG.  This was not at all helpful or satisfactory, especially since her extreme fatigue wasn’t going anywhere.  


“I was unable to function. I’m someone who is known for her energy and enthusiasm, so this was really hard for me. I just thought, okay, this must be part of my disease. Or just part being a mom -  you’re busy with kids so it's just what happens. I didn’t really consider another way.


Overcoming Constant Fatigue


Then Christine discovered Mymee. She began the program in March 2020 and began tracking everything she was eating, Her coach began to notice a pattern whenever Christine ate gluten and recommended that she try eliminating all gluten from her diet.  The discovery was life-changing.


“Working with my coach, we cleaned up my diet and I felt healthier. It was super easy. But the biggest difference by far was my fatigue. As soon as I cut the gluten from my diet the naps stopped! It was gluten! TADA!”  


By June – just three months after she started the Mymee program – Christine was able to give up her daily naps. She no longer had to “disappear (to go to sleep) for two hours,” and more importantly, she is able to be with her son and daughter through the day.


“My kids love it, and they are hilarious: every time I eat something, they ask if it has gluten in it!  They help me filter, and they make me special (gluten free) treats.”


Giving up gluten wasn’t so hard for Christine, especially when she experienced nearly-immediate results: the ability to stay awake throughout her life: “The upside is worth everything.”


Her advice to those experiencing constant pain and fatigue is to give Mymee a try. “While it may feel hard or far off, Mymee takes a scientific and supportive look at what’s going on in your body. Then they help you figure out specific, incremental steps you can take that will actually make a difference in your health.”


Christine has nothing but gratitude and praise for her coach, who she credits with identifying the cause of her fatigue. She appreciated her coach’s collaborative, results-focused approach, in contrast with seeing a doctor for just a few minutes, where once you leave the office it's feels like an “out of sight, out of mind” experience.


“It’s really cool to have someone totally vested, and in your corner, to help you achieve better health. I had never experienced anything like that before.”


Overall, Christine says, anyone with an autoimmune disease should not stop looking for ways to improve their health.  “There is a way. With Mymee, the chance to feel better exists!”


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