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Up to 35% of COVID patients experience long-term symptoms. Are you one of them?

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The COVID long haul and autoimmunity link.

Research suggests that 35% of people who had COVID-19 experience one or more intermittent symptoms weeks or months after recovering. 1 This phenomenon has been coined “COVID long haul” or “Post COVID Syndrome.” The most common of 200+ reported symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle aches, sleep problems and brain fog.

Strikingly, these unpredictable, often debilitating symptoms look a lot like those found in systemic autoimmune disorders. What's the connection?

Substantial independent research has now been published drawing links between COVID long haul and autoimmunity. Mymee started its COVID support program in July 2020 in collaboration with Mount Sinai’s COVID Long Haul program, in response to the rising number of long haul cases in New York.

Mymee now has the data to prove that each case is unique, many symptoms are sensitive to environmental triggers, and in many cases, it is possible to identify those triggers and significantly improve health.

“Mymee has had great success with our post-acute COVID patients, struggling with unresolved chronic health issues like extreme fatigue, headaches and shortness of breath. For those seeking a remote care solution, Mymee’s program offers flexibility alongside the resources and support to help them find the specific triggers behind their symptoms.”
David Putrino,
Head of Mount Sinai Post-Covid Care Clinic

We've been there.

Mymee built its program helping people with complex and often mysterious autoimmunity-induced symptoms, that defy quick diagnosis or easy definition.

Our team of experts includes coaches who have walked in your shoes to solve their own chronic health issues, by identifying the triggers behind their own symptoms to reclaim their health. By enrolling in Mymee, you gain instant access to personalized tools, expert guidance and extensive research to help you identify your triggers and ultimately reclaim your health too.

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As with any autoimmune disorder, eliminating COVID long haul symptoms is not easy and it is not a one size fits all proposition. Your certified  health coach leverages the data and analytics of Mymee’s platform to help you  pinpoint the correlations between your specific triggers and symptoms, and then to help you make practical diet and lifestyle adjustments around your triggers, until you feel better.

Mymee Program Benefits

Our consumer-friendly mobile app makes tracking your triggers and symptoms simple
Create a personal health plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals
Weekly calls and unlimited messaging with your Mymee coach means you are never alone
Focus on your breath with daily guided-breathing sessions led by a Mymee coach
Need a doctor or aren’t sure? Mymee will refer you to someone who can help
Ongoing access to Mymee community resources, tips and advice

Helena - COVID long hauler

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