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Mymee’s Personalized Trial & Care Platform Helps Autoimmune Disease Patients Reverse Flares, New Research Shows

>85% of patients with moderate to severe symptoms at baseline achieved HRQoL improvements; severe symptoms saw largest improvements

76% were taking ≥ 1 immunosuppressant, >80% reported pain in joints & fatigue at baseline, 66% of patients enrolled in the study had comorbidities

Peer-reviewed research published in RMD Open, leading journal for rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases

NEW YORK, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Mymee Inc, the pioneer in personalized trial & care for autoimmune disease & long COVID patients, announced the publication of new peer-reviewed research in RMD Open. The study found that autoimmune disease and Long COVID patients with moderate to severe symptoms achieved statistically significant, clinically meaningful improvements in all10 PROMIS® Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) domains.

Autoimmune drugs comprise 20% of total US drug costs and 54% of specialty pharmaceutical growth. The bigger challenge is that >65% of rheumatic patients have inadequate response to autoimmune drugs in the real world. These patients remain at risk of persistent, unpredictable disease flares due to unique sensitivities to their exposome.

The peer-reviewed study included 202 individuals who conducted personalized trials. These were led by specialized health coaches who leveraged the proprietary data platform to identify exposome cross-reactivities and interactions. The personalized trial process helps patients directly correlate symptoms to triggers, add back activities, manage sensitivities and adjust drugs with their physician, if necessary. The average time to study endpoint was 17 weeks. The platform is SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant.

According to Leonard Calabrese DO; Professor of Medicine, and Vice Chair of Rheumatology at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and a co-author of the study, "Every variable in the exposome can either hurt or help each patient and potentially influence DMARD efficacy. This study validates the potential of a personalized approach to helping patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases improve their quality of life."

People with inadequate response to autoimmune Rx often turn to trial & error between additional Rx and OTC medications, supplements and diets to alleviate symptoms, only to experience increased exposure to triggers in the process. Personalized trial & care enables patients to avoid potential risks and treatment interference, while guiding improvements. 

Dr. Nicole Bundy, the study’s principal investigator and Medical Director of Mymee stated, “As a rheumatologist, it is remarkable to see personalized trials empower patients to use their own evidence to reduce flares. The most important development is new evidence that rheumatic patients with debilitating pain and fatigue can reclaim their lives.”

Key characteristics and findings from Mymee’s personalized trial research included:

  • Reversing flares: >85% of patients with moderate to severe symptoms saw improvements in HRQoL. Patients with the most severe symptoms saw the largest improvements, across all 10 HRQoL PROMIS® domains including fatigue, pain, anxiety, symptom management and cognitive function.

  • Trigger identification: Over 100 unique triggers correlated to symptoms, including single triggers to ≥ 1 symptoms or complex combinations with a compounding effect.
  • Personalized trial recruitment: 60% were referred via health insurance or employer; 24% via peer referrals or direct marketing; 16% via physician referral.

  • Real world study population: At baseline, 76% were taking ≥ 1 immunosuppressants (bDMARDs, tsDMARDs, csDMARDs, DMTs, oral steroids), an average of >4 medications, 80% of patients reported significant joint involvement, 68% had comorbidities.

  • Patient adherence: Patients entered observations an average 7.6 times/day using a custom mobile app; attended 14 personalized trial coach sessions; and completed the program in an average of 17.2 weeks.

In addition to peer-reviewed published studies, Mymee’s proprietary personalized trial data analytics offer custom insights on potential benefits for unique autoimmune and Long COVID patients, drawn from anonymized baseline and endpoint data, across: autoimmune diagnosis; comorbidities; clinically validated PROMIS® scores and survey questions; 59 patient-reported symptoms (including joint pain and fatigue); autoimmune conventional and specialty pharma drugs; concomitant drugs; key demographics and payer audited Rx value impact. 

For more information on Mymee’s research and personalized trial & care platform to help  autoimmune Rx non-responders reverse uncontrolled flares, please visit 


Mymee Inc introduces a new standard of care for non-responders to autoimmune biologics and biosimilars by providing the first clinically-validated, personalized trial & care platform for patients with uncontrolled disease flares. In peer-reviewed studies, Mymee’s proprietary coach-led platform delivered statistically significant improvements in all ten HRQoL PROMIS® domains and a <40% mean reduction in 59 patient-reported symptoms - the more severe, the greater the improvements. Mymee is SOC-II and HIPAA-compliant. Peer-reviewed publications include Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Disease Open Journal ('23), IFM Conf ('23 & '20), ACR Conf ('22), JMIR ('20) and IEEE conf ('20). Mymee has received industry recognition including Top 100 NY Healthcare Startups 2022 & 2023, Health 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award: CEO & Founder 2022, Juniper Networks Awards 2022: #1 Most Innovative Precision Medicine Solution, Nominee Prix Galien Award: Digital Health, 2021, Honoree Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards 2021. 

To learn more about how Mymee is transforming autoimmune care, visit or follow us on Twitter @mymeehealth. 

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