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How to Prepare for Your First Mymee Session

Congratulations on taking this big leap forward for you and your health! We’re excited to partner with you to find your triggers and help you feel good. 

With Mymee, you will work one-on-one with a certified health coach, an equal parts autoimmune disease expert, trigger detective, and personal cheerleader. You will track aspects of your daily activities, including symptoms, food, and more, depending on your unique needs. Over time, your triggers will be uncovered, giving you the power to avoid them and start feeling better. 

To start the Mymee program with your best foot forward, here’s what to do next: 

Get Started With the Mymee App

Tracking in the Mymee app will help you achieve the best results. Your tracked information will allow your health coach to see emerging patterns and make connections between triggers and symptoms. 

  • Download the Mymee app via Google Play for Android devices or The App Store for IOS.
  • Explore the tracking portion of the app by logging food ahead of your first session 
  • Start to get to know your health coach by reading their welcome message and viewing their bio in-app. 
  • Make notes in-app of any questions or concerns you’d like to talk about with your health coach.

Prepare for Your First Mymee Session

Your session with your health coach will not be the usual in-and-out of a doctor’s office. You can be sure that your story and your concerns will be heard, validated, and supported.

Ahead of your first session: 

  • Consider (or even jot down) things that you’d like your health coach to know about from your history – when symptoms began, significant life events, past infections, allergies, toxin exposures, or more. 
  • Reflect on your goals and your “why” behind wanting to feel better with Mymee. Whether you want to have less brain fog for work or more energy to play with the kids in your life, we want to support you in getting there. 
  • Add your first session with your health coach to your calendar and reserve at least 45 minutes for your initial virtual meeting. 

Attend Your First Virtual Mymee Session

We suggest attending your first virtual Mymee session in a comfortable, relaxed, and private environment. Your Mymee coach will get in touch with you using a secure connection. 

It also might help to: 

  • Have your Mymee app open so you can communicate with your health coach about the technology and any details you may have already tracked.
  • Have a pen and paper to capture any thoughts, questions, or tips that come up during your session. 

Finally, we encourage you to consider your strengths and let your health coach know about them. Explore your learning style, talk about your supportive friends and family, the hobbies you enjoy, or how you’ve gotten through challenges of the past. All of these pieces of information can help your health coach tap into how to motivate you toward your goals best while keeping you informed. 

Your first session is one big, exciting step toward finding the key to unlocking your triggers. We can’t wait for you to meet your health coach and start feeling better. 

Additional questions in the meantime? Reach out to our support team or message your coach in-app. 

Looking forward to working together, 

Your Mymee Care Team

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