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Study Finds Lifestyle Choices Greatly Influence Chronic Autoimmune Diseases

In a review article co-authored by Dr. Yehuda Shoenfled, one of modern rheumatology's most prominent and respected figures, the evidence for the effects of several common nutritional elements on rheumatic disease progression and prevention are discussed. 

The authors posit that, although various nutritional elements exert their effects on the immune system through different molecular pathways, the common denominator is the role diet has in shaping the gut microbiome. The article powerfully argues that “ individual’s lifestyle choices can greatly influence the progression and manifestation of chronic autoimmune rheumatic diseases. In light of these effects, it makes sense that the search for additional therapies to attenuate such diseases would include investigations into lifestyle modifications.”




Dahan S, Segal Y, Shoenfeld Y. Dietary factors in rheumatic autoimmune diseases: a recipe for therapy? Nature Reviews Rheumatol. 2017;13:348-58.

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