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Mymee Highlighted in Oscar Health's Customer Spotlight

Mymee and Oscar Health joined forces to deliver meaningful health benefits to Oscar members who struggle with autoimmune disease.  Oscar recently published a Customer Spotlight, where one member told her story of success.


In the article, Oscar member, Kim, describes her life before Mymee.


"She went to every doctor and specialist imaginable and never found a clear diagnosis. She “tried every kind of medicine known to mankind. Every shot. Every pill. Everything they could think of.” But nothing worked. She tried alternative medicine, Reiki, acupuncture, holistic doctors, supplements. She even tried drinking celery juice for a month. And she hates celery.


After completing the Mymee program Kim was back to living her life.  According to the article,


“I feel like myself again,” she says. And that’s a very big deal. She has a new puppy named DJ Jelly and spends an hour a day walking him in the hills. She’s headed back to yoga and the gym as well. “I was shocked that Oscar would proactively reach out and suggest something like this that is completely not conventional medicine,” Kim says. “To have Oscar say, ‘perhaps you should try something that’s been working for some other folks we’re working with’ was like a lighting bolt. I was just so impressed that an insurance company would think that way.” 


Mymee and Oscar look forward to sharing many other stories like Kim's.


Read the full article on the Oscar website here:

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