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  • 2 week membership
  • One complimentary health coach call (50 min)
  • Personalized tracking app customized to your triggers and symptoms
  • Introductory health plan tailored to your goals
  • Always 100% confidential
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Monthly Plan

  • Focused program designed to detect your triggers and transform how you feel through behavior change
  • Personalized tracking app
  • 4 health coach sessions/month
  • Targeted health plan
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Includes required supplements
  • If you have an FSA account supporting letter, you can submit for reimbursement
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Annual Plan

  • Save 20% versus monthly plan
  • Ongoing care designed to detect triggers, manage and resolve persistent concerns, helping you achieve your best possible health (and maintain it.)
  • Personalized tracking app
  • 12 months of care
  • Unlimited health coach sessions and messaging
  • Includes required supplementation
  • Coordination with your physician related to any prescription drugs.
  • If you have an FSA account supporting letter, you can submit for reimbursement
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Still have questions?

Your free initial consultation call is the perfect chance to ask any questions and learn how Mymee can work for your individual situation. A Mymee program specialist will help you understand if Mymee is right for you and answer all your questions so you know exactly what to expect. As always, anything you share or submit to Mymee is personal and confidential in nature.

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How can we help you?

You most likely have questions. And you're not alone. Here are some of the most common questions we've received about Mymee and you can click on the link below ifyou'd like to see them all.

What is Mymee?
Mymee is a digital care program that helps you to reduce symptoms by identifying and eliminating dietary, environmental, and lifestyle triggers that are causing your body to react. Through the use of our mobile app, data analytics, and a personal health coach, we find correlations between your triggers and symptoms. Your coach helps you understand and avoid those triggers by guiding you through small, doable changes made over time. By the end of our program, you have a personalized plan that puts in you control of how you feel.
How does Mymee find my triggers?
Your coach carefully reviews the information you enter into the Mymee app to better understand your habits. We couldn’t do this without you - because this is about YOU. The information you provide ranges from what you eat and drink to your daily activities, and your symptoms. Mymee then turns this data into understanding. Working with your coach, will help you determine your unique triggers and create interventions to help you avoid them. Mymee also uses proven analytics based on a database of hundreds of unique cases to help our coaches find more complex patterns within the data.
Are the coaches I’m working with doctors?
Mymee coaches are not physicians. They are certified health coaches who have experience with integrative health and wellness. In fact, all Mymee coaches have also suffered from an autoimmune disease and successfully reversed their own autoimmune disease symptoms. Our health coaches will work closely with you to understand how your symptoms impact your life and how your life impacts your symptoms. The coaches are supervised by our Head of Coaching (a licensed naturopathic physician) and Chief Medical Officer (a Yale-trained and board certified rheumatologist).
Can I do the program if I am taking medications?
Yes. In fact, most Mymee clients with autoimmune conditions are on medications. If you have just started taking a medication, we may suggest that you delay the program until your body has had time to adjust to it. Contact us to discuss the best start date for you.
Will you work with my doctor?
The Mymee program works in conjunction with the treatment you are receiving from any doctor, and we are happy to collaborate if special circumstances arise (with your written consent). We do not provide any advice on medication management and will refer you back to your prescribing doctor for any medication-related questions.
How long before I’ll start to see results?
It varies since each person’s case is different. On average, clients reach their goals within 4 months, though many begin to feel better within just a few weeks of starting Mymee. While some cases may take longer than others, Mymee coaches are committed to helping you find your triggers so you can achieve results that are most meaningful to you, as quickly as possible.
I've heard that COVID-19 has similarities to autoimmunity. Is this true?
Yes, according to several studies, some individuals with COVID-19 or COVID long haulers (individuals who continue to feel unwell after recovering from the virus) may have signs that their immune system has turned on the body, similar to autoimmune diseases like lupus. Mymee may be able to help individuals struggling with autoimmune-like symptoms due to the coronavirus by helping them identify and manage dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to immune dysfunction.
What if I can’t afford Mymee?
We know that cost can be a factor. Therefore, we have made Mymee commitment-free and our monthly plan gives you the flexibility to pay as you go. Additionally, we sometimes offer an assistance program to cover some of the fee. To learn more please email us at
Is Mymee covered by insurance?
Unfortunately, we do not accept health insurance at this time. However, we do offer the Mymee Assistance Program to those who are unable to afford the full price of the program.
How does Mymee protect my privacy?
Your privacy is top priority, and we follow strict guidelines to ensure it is protected. Data captured in your Mymee app enables your coach to provide personalized support and guidance during the program. It is also anonymized and entered into Mymee's database to deepen our data analytics for autoimmune disease. We never share your personal data or sell it for business and marketing purposes.