What is mymee?

Increasingly, the challenges for health care in the 21st century are health concerns and epidemics like allergies and syndrome X that escape the identification of single causes known from the big epidemics of the past. 
Unfortunately, current health care practice lacks the incentives, resources, methods, and tools for dealing effectively with these kinds of complex individual conditions.

Our 16-week adaptive teletherapy program reverses chronic autoimmune disease by identifying personal triggers, and coaching patients to remove them, causing symptoms to subside. Mymee lets you easily track your daily life to uncover the hidden causes of your health concerns in collaboration with your practitioner and/or data driven health coach and helps you accomplish behavior change to remove those causes through immediate feedback.

Our Mission

To help people identify the root causes for their problems and inspire them to change the specific habits to reverse their symptoms. We call it Data Driven Coaching, and it's an innovative new way to use technology to  effectively subdue the illness through behavioral change.

One of the many challenges of modern day healthcare is our inability to blame an illness, allergy, or epidemic on a singularly defined problem. Today medicine and health care is about patchwork. It’s about understanding the many different factors that go into our health problems.

Modern day conditions come from interplay over time of behavior, mental states, lifestyle, social context, environment, genetic predisposition etc. with causes and effects often removed in time and location. These many factors, when looked at under a refined lens, may tell us a great deal about what is really hurting us.

Drawing on ideas and methods from operations management (Edwards Deming, Lean), system dynamics, and software engineering, Mymee is built to support iterative and continuous health improvement for the individual. With its focus on personal observational data Mymee plays a distinct role in the ecosystem of services for self-tracking.