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Master your triggers.

While gluten is the known trigger for celiac, what about all the other autoimmune diseases? Did you know that kale, chicken and ginger can also be triggers? Mymee combines mobile technology with powerful analytics to find the triggers that are unique to you.

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Our story is your story.

We understand how exhausting it is to search for answers and hit a wall. We know because we’ve been there. In 2011, our founder, Mette Dyhrberg, was able to eliminate her symptoms and reclaim her health, after suffering from six different autoimmune diagnoses. Mymee was created to systemize her approach and to empower others to do the same.

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Mymee's first patent was filed in 2013, and its years of clinical research included over 1000 unique cases of autoimmunity across over 60 autoimmune diseases. In 2020, Mymee expanded its offering to include a program for individuals suffering from long term COVID-related symptoms often associated with an overactive immune system.

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“When I finally figured out my own triggers, I knew that I needed to find a way to make it possible for everyone struggling with similar issues to be able to “figure it out” too with the right support. I wanted the approach to be accessible to everyone, and much simpler than it was for me, on my own.”
Mette Dyhrberg, CEO & Founder

Symptoms don’t make sense. But our process does.

Surprisingly, something that makes one person with autoimmunity healthier can make another person much worse. You may be able to eat bread but need to avoid certain fruit. The answer may be in the water you drink or the air you breathe. Even your bedtime and sleep duration can trigger a cascade of symptoms. The list goes on and on and trying to figure it all out can seem impossible.

Mymee’s goal is to find the right combination of factors for you - and only you. So far, Mymee has addressed over 152 symptoms and identified 90 unique triggers associated with autoimmune reactions.

We work with you to figure out yours and won't give up until we find answers for your specific case so you can start feeling better.

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The findings speak for themselves.

Our clinical study in JMIR showed Mymee delivered a significant quality of life benefit for lupus patients in combination with their current standard of care.


dot-x improvement in fatigue


dot-x improvement in pain


dot-x participants were able to consistently use the Mymee App for data tracking

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We believe in the power of Mymee, because we’ve seen the life-changing results ourselves. And we’re dedicated to building technology to improve quality of life and success with treatment for people living with autoimmune disease.


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