Who Mymee has helped


Mymee was designed to help people with autoimmune disease find the unique diet and lifestyle triggers behind their disease
symptoms. Our programs have helped countless people reclaim their health who had struggled for years to find a solution for their
uncontrollable and unpredictable intermittent symptoms.

Mymee was built on over 1000 unique cases of autoimmunity and has matched more than 90 potential unique triggers
with over 150 unique symptoms. We also offer a program designed specifically for individuals experiencing debilitating intermittent
“COVID Long Haul” symptoms resembling autoimmunity.

See below to learn more about who Mymee has helped, including the most common diagnoses of autoimmune
disease and pre-autoimmunity treated as well as most commonly reported symptoms.













Top 20 Diagnosis Supported by Mymee


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*Autoimmunity “X”: unresolved symptoms, suspected unique autoimmunity case, no definitive disease diagnosis.





Top Most Frequently Reported Severe
Symptoms at Mymee Program Baseline


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Mymee has matched to over 150 unique symptoms. If you do not see your symptom here and would like to know
if it is one that has been experienced by others with autoimmunity, please Contact us.