I thought it would be complicated. (Hint: It’s not).

You dont have to change your life to change your life.


Meet Joy

When Joy Fennell was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis back in 2008, the future looked bleak. The New York City-based makeup artist was only in her early 30s, but she suddenly found herself unable to lift her arms over her head or walk without a cane, and the only solution doctors offered was an intensive and side effect-laden drug regimen.

After working with Mymee, Joy is off all her meds, no longer needs surgery and is enjoying her life again.


Take control. Not just another pill.

We don’t believe in band-aids. The problem with typical autoimmune treatments is they suppress symptoms pharmaceutically rather than dealing with the root causes. We rather focus on the diet, lifestyle and environmental factors that trigger your issues in the first place.




“I felt so out of control with my auto-immune issues. Now I’m finally back in the driver’s seat.”



“Going into the program I was hoping for a positive outcome, but I never imagined I’d be where I am today.”



“Now I am able to do so much that I’m plain tired at the end of day - feels pretty darned good - feels like I did something with my day”


Real people. Real relief.  

Mymee uses the power of data and analytics to help you overcome even the most complex autoimmune issues. How? By analyzing trends and patterns between the triggers and symptoms to pinpoint the factors in your life that need tweaking. It’s like connect the dots but a thousand times more efficient.


Every symptom has a trigger. Let’s find yours.

“Mymee helped me understand exactly what allergies triggered my Lupus. From there I knew, if I ate my way into this - I could eat my way out”.


Algorithms don’t have side effects.

“Before, I could only feel okay by staying on a very strict regime, but I never knew what was working! Now with Mymee I have been given a road map to my specific triggers and I’m no longer flying blind.”


One size doesn’t fix all.

“I’ve seen 10 practitioners in the past two years...I’m not a textbook example of autoimmune disease, that’s why the textbook solutions don’t work for me.”


A treatment designed for you and only you.

“Most doctors don't understand what I’m saying to them, what a breath of a fresh air that I feel understood by you in my own language!”



You’re an amazing machine.
(You just need a little fine-tuning.)

Many of the chronic symptoms people experience are set off by a combination of triggers. Turning them on and off or adjusting them them correctly is the key to lasting relief.

Just click here and answer a few simple questions to find out. A few minutes of your time could mean a lifetime of relief.