What we believe

Master your machine.

Mymee is the embodiment of everything we believe about people, health, and technology. It’s a platform designed to empower, and we believe it will transform lives and revolutionize how we scale root-cause medicine.

Rethinking autoimmunity.

We’re looking at the why.

At our core, we believe that autoimmune disorders—and the warriors among us who suffer from them—have been underserved for far too long. Quite simply, today’s healthcare system was not designed to effectively serve the nuanced challenges of autoimmunity. Treatments often focus on suppressing symptoms instead of identifying causes. Instead, we’d rather understand why the body is attacking itself in the first place. We see the body as a machine, its environment as the triggers, and symptoms as signals.

Intensely personal.

One size fits no one.

We are all unique specimens, and our bodies run differently. Today’s autoimmune treatments are ineffective because they were designed for the masses. Mymee is different. We believe in the patient. We trust their body. And we customize our program to adapt to their specific environments, habits, and preferences. Our approach results in a personalized diagnostic system highly tuned to each individual—their unique patterns, their personal goals. This is why it works.

Simply. Effective.

These two are not unrelated.

An enormous investment has gone into engineering the simplicity of Mymee. While the technology powering the platform is deeply complex, users will only experience a platform that is accessible, seamless, and remarkably easy. Our platform adapts to the lives of our users, not the other way around. From exclusive snap-to-track functionality to coaching dashboards, we have designed a system that makes engagement easy, adherence high, and outcomes effective.

Proven by data.

Power to the patient.

Mymee was founded by an economist—so around here, data drives pretty much everything. When you start tracking, you start paying attention. And you start to see interesting patterns pretty quickly. Our bodies generate a staggering amount of real-time data daily—and we use that data to test new hypotheses, discover new insights, and identify new triggers. It’s light, it’s scalable, and we believe it will be transformative.

Hugely empowering.

Everybody wins.

For those who suffer from autoimmune disorders, healthcare experiences can feel cold and lonely. And for employers and providers, costs can be high and success stories few and far between. We’re here to change that. We empower our users first as human beings, because we believe that the more empowered they are, the more motivated they become. And we believe that the more we understand their bodies, the more effectively we can optimize them. Ours is a fundamentally new approach that benefits everyone across the board.

How it works

Start with your pattern.

Mymee monitors triggers and symptoms to deliver a personalized experience optimized for each individual.

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