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We understand and are here to listen

Mymee is made up of people who have personal experience with autoimmunity. We know how difficult it can be to navigate life weighed down by psoriasis symptoms like rashes, other skin issues, fatigue, and more. We’re ready to really listen.


We Take the Time to Get to Know You

We take a whole-person approach. Finding the root cause of your psoriasis symptoms requires a comprehensive look at the things that make you, you: your diet, your environment, your stress-levels, your family history, and more.


Life Beyond Your Psoriasis Symptoms

You’ve fought long enough to find psoriasis solutions for your health. Now that you’re here, we’re confident that you’ll not only be feeling better, but able to let yourself explore what’s possible without psoriasis symptoms.

Natural Psoriasis Treatment Tailored to Your Symptoms

Once your triggers are identified, the goal of psoriasis treatment is to prevent skin cells from growing too quickly, which helps reduce symptoms like scaly, itchy skin, rashes, and burning sensations. If psoriasis specialists and pharmaceutical treatments aren't controlling your psoriasis symptoms, you have other natural options.

Since psoriasis symptoms vary so widely, no single treatment applies to everyone. But there is a similar approach to natural psoriasis treatment that is proven to work consistently: self reporting. Patients who carefully track their own psoriasis symptoms and environmental triggers learn which treatments work best for them, so they can better manager their autoimmunity.

To help you document your symptoms and follow a useful self-reporting process, we offer expert guidance and a framework that produces results from your trial-and-error efforts.

Start on a path to better health. Schedule a session with a Mymee health coach to learn how to effectively start treating your psoriasis symptoms today.



Meet With a Health Coach About Custom Psoriasis Treatment Options

In each virtual session with your Mymee Health Coach, you will uncover additional insights into your unique triggers of psoriasis symptoms. Mymee Health coaches are certified, are backed by board-certified, licensed doctors, and are experts in identifying small, manageable changes to help you feel better.

Book your first Mymee session and see improvement in symptoms in weeks.