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Watch this episode of Unicorn Hunters to learn how Mymee helps you control your autoimmune disease.

How We Help

Find the best program for your autoimmunity.


Mymee Core

Combining one-on-one sessions with a personal health coach and simple, in-app tracking to create a personalized plan for managing your autoimmunity.

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COVID Long Haul Care

This program builds upon Mymee Core and recognizes the similarities between autoimmunity and COVID long haul to help those suffering find relief.

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How Mymee Works

Through the use of a personalized tracking app, you'll work with a certified health coach to find what's behind your autoimmunity symptoms. By making small lifestyle changes, you can eliminate or minimize their impact on your daily life.

Feel Seen and Supported

You’ll be paired with one of our certified Health Coaches, who will work with you one-on-one to help you better understand the cause of your symptoms and get them under control.


Get Your Roadmap to Feeling Better

Our Mymee app makes it easy for you to share potential triggers with your coach and receive personalized recommendations for small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact on your health and how you feel.


Start Feeling Like Yourself Again

Working with Mymee replaces years of frustration with the knowledge you need to manage your symptoms so you can do more of what you’ve been missing out on.


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