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Help someone feel good again in this new year with a Mymee Gift Card
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Gift the Mymee Core Program

Mymee Core combines 16 weekly sessions with a dedicated health coach, lifestyle tracking within a user-friendly app, and powerful data analysis and algorithms to pinpoint triggers unique to each individual.

With a Mymee Gift Card, your loved one can cover all or some costs associated with the program and start feeling good again.

Here's what's included in Mymee Core:

  • One-on-one health coaching

    16 weekly sessions with a dedicated health coach ensure direct, empathetic support and expert insight into your autoimmunity.

  • User-friendly tracking

    Our mobile app requires only minutes per day to log your diet (just snap a photo!), sleep, exercise, and other environmental factors.

  • 100% Personalized Plan

    Powerful data and algorithms combined with expert coaching leads to the creation of a plan tailored to your personal autoimmunity — no guessing here.

  • Supplements and lab work

    Mymee goes the extra mile with additional supplements and testing for those who need it.


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