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The Mymee Care Team

The Mymee Care Team includes certified health coaches supported by licensed, board-certified doctors specialized in internal medicine, rheumatology, naturopathy, epidemiology, and nutrition. 


Licensed, board-certified doctors


Functional Medicine Approach


Certified Health Coaches

Nicole Bundy Mymee Care Team

Nicole Bundy, MD, MPH

Medical Director

  • Licensed, board-certified internist and rheumatologist
  • 10 years experience treating a wide variety of patients with rheumatologic diseases in both private practice and academic rheumatology settings
  • MD, Yale University School of Medicine
  • MPH, Yale University School of Epidemiology and Public Health
Millie Mymee Care Team

Millennia Lytle, ND, MPH

Head of Health Coaching

  • 4-year post grad ND from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and a Master's in Public Health (MPH) in Hamburg, Germany
  • Licensed naturopathic doctor, epidemiologist and nutrition specialist dedicated to preventing and reversing the epidemic of chronic disease
  • In addition to 15 years of private practice, Millie’s research efforts have been published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences

About our Health Coaches

Your Mymee health coach is your direct partner in identifying your triggers. Each Mymee health coach is highly-trained to work with and support clients with autoimmune diseases, autoimmunity symptoms, and COVID long haul.


Chelsea Sheridan, MS, CNS

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Food as Medicine Chef
  • Master of Science, Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Health Coaching
  • Personal experience with autoimmunity
Coach Haley Mymee Care Team

Haley Knauer, MPH

  • Master of Public Health, Global Public Health Nutrition
  • Experience working in various medical settings in partnership with healthcare providers
  • Personal experience with Hashimoto’s disease
Coach Laura Mymee Care Team

Laura Lovejoy

  • Certified as a functional medicine health coach
  • Kripalu yoga instructor specializing in breath work and meditation
  • Personal experience with autoimmunity
Coach Julia

Julia Wall, MS

  • ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach
  • Master of Science, Human Factors
  • Skilled in healthcare technology
Cassie Web Mymee Care Team

Cassie Web

  • Certified in health and wellness coaching
  • Nationally licensed massage therapist
  • Personal experience with autoimmunity

Jennifer Costa

  • Certified holistic nutritionist
  • Certified wellness educator
  • Experience leading wellness workshops and nutrition departments at wellness centers
  • Personal experience with autoimmunity

Kristen Dahlem, RN

  • Registered nurse
  • Board-certified health and wellness coach
  • Personal experience with chronic illness