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Oscar Health, a New York-based health insurance company with more than 400,000 members, offers Mymee as a covered
benefit to those who qualify. Below is a summary of data drawn from a sample of Oscar enrollees, including: the range of
diagnosis of Oscar members enrolled in Mymee, the top 12 most common severe symptoms reported by enrollees, the % of
enrollees who experienced “significant symptoms improvement”1, and sample testimonials from enrollees.




Breakdown of Diagnosis Among
Oscar Members enrolled in Mymee


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“By session seven, I was amazed at how much better I was, and no longer had to focus on my body pain,
nausea, and dysphagia anymore...I don’t feel scared of my body anymore”

- Oscar Member





% Of Enrollees That Experienced “Significant Improvement” At
The 16-week Endpoint Measured, In The Most Common Severe
Symptoms Reported At The Baseline


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“I am insanely grateful. I have my life back and can function normally again. Thank you again for introducing Mymee to me!
Now at the end of this program, I have figured out what foods trigger my inflammation, know how to manage the disease
and am pretty much out of pain. I’ve lost about 35 pounds and feel like a new woman…”

- Oscar Member


1. Figure 1 includes the range of diagnosis across all 2019 and 2020 enrollees

2. Figure 2 includes a subset of Oscar enrollees [33] who completed the required surveys used to evaluate the delta between the baseline and the research endpoint [16 weeks] for 55 symptoms [only the top 12 most common and severe symptoms are shown].

3. Symptoms were reported as Very Often, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, None. A symptom is “Severe” if it happens Very Often or Often. Symptoms that were Severe at the baseline and reduced to Sometimes, Rarely or Never within 16 weeks were considered a significant improvement.

4. The Oscar Health Commercial Validation provides third-party evidence of the potential of Mymee to deliver measurable benefits by correlating and then helping patients to learn how to correlate their unique symptoms and triggers and manage around them within 16 weeks. That endpoint is the target for measurable improvement, but is not the end of the program. Many Oscar members enrolled in Mymee also worked with their physician to reduce the number or dose of their prescription medications as a result of their improved health and new ability to effectively manage symptoms by proactively reducing exposure to triggers.

5. Results vary by individual needs and engagement, and cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Mymee is not a cure. For more insights, please contact us at





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