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Autoimmune diseases are often “invisible illnesses” to others. When you don’t look sick, it’s hard for the people around you to understand how you’re feeling. As a result, it’s common to feel isolated, judged, and unheard, which can negatively impact your health.

Our autoimmune community lets you connect with others who “get it” in a safe and supportive environment. Go ahead: ask questions, share experiences, and just be yourself. What makes the Mymee Connect community unique is the knowledge that YOU are the integral component to improving your health.

What’s included

Join our autoimmune community and get tips, peer support, personalized resources, free classes, exclusive offers, and more.

Self-care modules, personalized nutrition resources, and lifestyle tips
Live monthly classes, weekly Yoga for Covid, and daily breath breaks
Early bird invitations and FREE access to events, e.g. Covid Summit and webinars
Support and tips from other members of the Mymee community
Curated articles on topics like diet, sleep, hormones, and more
Reduced rates on supplements and health coaching sessions

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Get access to a private free online community for people living with autoimmune diseases with an emphasis on using diet and lifestyle changes to achieve greater health.

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