What We do

There's no one-size-fits-all recipe to health. Many feel misguided by the system or their doctor. Hopeless to the notion of finding a solution that works. Does the "I have tried it all," speech sound familiar?

That thought, familiar to us at Mymee, is why we are here. Let's take charge of our own conditions and not leave the sole responsibility on the standard health care system. Our starting point for exploration is the understanding that we all are very different.

Mymee is the easiest way to monitor the ebb and flow of your symptoms over periods of time. It delivers a personalized experience when you need it most.

By simply tracking symptoms and factors in your day-to-day life you establish an understanding of how your body works. Symptoms are what you feel. They are your body's way of saying that something is amiss. This can include a headache, depression or fatigue. Think of factors as things you do that might affect your symptoms. Factors like prednisone, meditation or your gluten intake will likely influence your system in one way or another. The trick is finding out what has a bad influence and eliminate these triggers.

Mymee helped me understand exactly what allergies triggered my Lupus. From there I knew, if I ate my way into this - I can eat my way out.
— Charlotta, Lupus

Data Driven Coaching 

Data Driven Coaching is for people that are serious about figuring out why their health is not what they would like it to be—and want to do something about it.

You’ll work with a practitioner to gather and analyze your personal data and turn this data into useful insights to improve your quality of life.

This new approach to health improvement combines the use of a self-tracking Smartphone app with a practitioner. It uses the Mymee platform to help you understand how your lifestyle impacts your health on a very specific, personalized basis.

If you whip out your cell phone during a family dinner to take a photo of your meal that may not be considered good cell phone etiquette at your house. It might even feel invasive to you to take notes while dining out, since everybody sees you checking your phone under the table. However, tracking is required to use Mymee. 

How Mymee Works

If you decide to use Mymee to figure out the root cause for your health issues you start by choosing a practitioner. Once signed up with a practitioner you download ‘Mymee’ in the App store. You will receive an activation code from your physician or health coach to your personal app, which then can be tailored to you. Once the app has been personalized, you begin to track your food intake and your symptoms 

At this point Mymee is only for use when working with a practitioner. The reason being that there is room for harmful error if you make the wrong correlations. Since there are a lot of factors to take into account and we all have blind spots, it is most beneficial to look at this as a collaboration between you and your practitioner. 

Your practitioner will have access to a platform with immediate visibility to your incoming data. This allows them to review the data and help you understand what’s going on and implement the needed behavioral change.

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