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What happens to your patients between office visits?

The information you obtain from patients during your office visits is but a small glimpse into the totality of their lives. It’s what happens between visits that will really give you the clues as to how best to help them.

After all, people’s lives happen outside the clinic—in their homes, at work, on the road, wherever they are. In order to truly understand the ways in which lifestyle factors are triggering and driving their health problems, you need a lot more insight than what you can gain from a brief symptom review. 

Yet the conventional methods for gathering that information— self-reported symptom or food diaries & people's use of different apps—seldom give the sort of 3-D detail that will help you and your patients make sense of what’s going on. That’s where Mymee comes in

Real time patient data

People’s lives happen between doctor’s visits, wherever they are: so help patients truly understand the lifestyle factors that go into producing their health problems. 

Mymee is a flexible, highly customizable and easy-to-use system for patient self-tracking.  It enables you to:

  • Flexible system for self-tracking with customizable patient apps
  • Monitor patients in-between visits
  • Real-time dashboard to learn and improve patient conditions.

Mymee makes it easy for practitioners to create and track personalized plans in real time with their patients and to use lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease.

Initially I was afraid it would just be a lot of data coming in, but this technology is a powerful tool.
— Robyn W Jacobs, MD


Engage your patients

We believe the future of medicine will be built on a foundation of teamwork and empowerment shared between the doctor and patient. By creating a personalized lifestyle plan that can be tracked in real time, the communication between the practitioner and patient is greatly improved as is the understanding of how the patient’s lifestyle is influencing disease. 

This, in turn, can open new and more rational approaches to lifestyle change and ultimately, better clinical outcomes.

  • Active tracking—behavior change happens as your patients start to pay attention to their lifestyle.
  • Experience true collaboration with patients—improved outcomes.
  • Compliance.

Mymee empowers both, the patient and practitioner with tools that improve compliance and results.

When you’re able to have a conversation with your patient in which you can point to specific points of data that influence symptoms, it adds meaning and depth to the conversation. 

The data was fantastic because of how honest it was.
— David Goldstein, Chronic Pain Patient


Mymee in clinical practice

Perhaps you already have your patients food journaling between visits. You might even have health coaches on your team. Simply enable them with Mymee and see the difference that a window into patients’ daily lives can make through patient empowerment and continuous support.

  • Mymee is easy to integrate into daily clinical practice: 
  • Cloud based and HIPAA compliant, no software set-up.
  • EMR integration not needed.
  • We teach you how to help people track what matters.

Your clients download the app for free—and it’s way, way easier than you think. And once you are up and running, the Mymee team will provide everything you need to make it a success.

Working with Mymee has changed the way I view Medicine
— Paul Abramson MD, The Quantified Doctor

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