The first configurable electronic symptom and food journal

Mymee is the easiest way to monitor food intake, lifestyle factors along with the ebb and flow of your clients’ symptoms over a period of time. The photo feature helps the patient keep a food diary or record activity or medications, which in turn allows the Health Coach a special insight into their clients’ lives.

When working with clients, making a gradual and progressive shift in a healthier direction can be frustrating.

Do you know exactly what your clients need to do to reach their goals, but they simply can’t seem to take the first step, or they’re plateauing? Are you both flailing as a result, confused about what to do next?

The first step is finding out exactly what’s going on each day for your clients. What are they eating? What’s their stress level? How are they coping with it? What tools are they aware of? Are they actually using those tools?

If you’re scratching your head, you may need Mymee. This customizable coaching app allows your clients to track their behaviors. From snapping shots of meals to logging meditation and breathing exercises, this platform allows you to get a 360-degree look at client behavior.

It can start small, with one or two items, and then expand, as clients get comfortable tracking. You can use it as an electronic food journal or together with your clients decide which habits to track. Once you decide what those habits and items will be, the Mymee team will customize each client’s app accordingly.

Benefits to You as a Health Coach

You can log into your web-based console before sessions and see what your clients have been up to. You’ll see all their tracking on an easy-to-read chart. It’s not about shame and guilt, but honesty, time efficacy and progress. If your clients haven’t been implementing new habits and tools you’ve agreed upon, you might choose to give them some more time, and postpone your next session.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get honest with yourself, and make the most of your time. When you become laser-sharp, you need less time with clients to get the same – or better – results, allowing you to see more people each day. The world needs health coaches, and Mymee is the way to expand your reach and exponentially increase your income.

Get ready to zoom in on your clients’ habits and get them the results they came to you for, help more people, and make more money.

Using Mymee will create a feeling of responsibility for your clients and you will experience a grown connection and sense of loyalty between you and your client.

How Mymee Works

Mymee is software-as-a-service and the practitioner is charged a monthly fee to use the cloud based platform. Patients download the Mymee App for free in the App store, but can only activate the app with the activation code provided to them by you. The code links the user to you as their health coach and through a client dashboard you can see what's going on with your clients between visits. The platform allows you to make topic setup changes to the specific setup of the app.

Our technology platform is used to find out which things seem to trigger or improve symptoms along with facilitating the needed behavioral change. Once clients start to see and understand the relationship with their lifestyle and diet they are empowered.

This Mymee program is helping me in ways I did not expect. Like when I am as stressed out as I was last week, I almost always go for ice cream. I justify catching up with my old friends Ben and Jerry. This time, I haven’t had any ice cream. Nada. I didn’t even try to sneak it in, ie. not take a picture. I feel different, like there is a kind of indescribable shift of thought process happening. Its almost uncomfortable...the kind of discomfort that happens when I have been sitting slouched for so long that when I do sit up straight, it feels funny at first.
— Mary, Multiple Sclerosis