We provide forward-thinking physicians with a new way to address cases where daily living plays a decisive role and can often include confounding factors. 

Do you experience perplexing cases in your practice? Where you have tried every conceivable traditional means of testing, panels etc. without getting to the bottom of the issue? Data from the patient’s daily life could be crucial in figuring out the root of the problem.

If you are looking to incorporate self-tracking as a part of your practice and need a technical solution that enables you to work closely with your patients then Mymee may just be the answer.

Using Mymee, you and your patients are able to gather data about your patient’s behavior and environment that can inform the analysis of correlations and patterns between the patients’ conditions and daily living.

Working with Mymee has changed the way I view Medicine
— Paul Abramson MD, The Quantified Doctor

The Mymee platform is built for making individualized configurations for each patient that may be altered at any time during a self-tracking project. That also means the ability to be altered to match your field of expertise and your preferred way of working.

In a scenario with investigations of multiple confounding cases taking place concurrently it has shown to be advantageous to have a health coach in your practice for handling the day-to-day monitoring and management of the patients self-tracking projects in order for you to focus on the diagnostics and treatment plans. However, an in-house health coach is not a prerequisite for using the Mymee technology.

We give physicians a dashboard that allows them to see what happens between visits, but the real game changer is what happens when someone has to monitor their day-to-day actions and food intake through the lens of their smart phone. The results are almost immediate. Awareness to the issues at hand becomes impossible to dodge.

Whether we are looking at a confounding case, weight loss, or other lifestyle diseases Mymee provides you with a way to place some of the responsibility for the necessary change on the patients. 

How Mymee Works

Mymee is software-as-a-service and the practitioner is charged a monthly fee to use the HIPAA compliant, cloud based platform. Patients download the Mymee App for free in the App store, but can only activate the app with an activation code provided to them by you. The code links the user to you as their practitioner and through a client dashboard you can see what's going on with your patients between visits. The platform allows you to make topic setup changes to the specific setup of the app.

Our technology platform is used to find out which things seem to trigger or improve symptoms along with facilitating the needed behavioral change.

If you are interested in using patient-reported observations of daily living in your practice, we offer both methodological and technical training. 

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